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The following sample will not suit every purpose, as each of us will have different childhood and adult experiences, attended different schools, specialized in different types of work, etc.  However, the biographical sketch is designed to provide enough information about the individual that will hopefully answer the inevitable question '..who was "uncle Winston", what did he do, and what was he like?'



Winston Attlee Belgrave Gomes

The only child of John and Jane-Doe,  Winston, known by family and friends as "Johnny", was born on lower Nevis Street  August 1945, the declaration of the official end of the Second World War.  He was formally named after then Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, and also for a former Prime Minister, Sir George Attlee. The nickname "Johnny" did not derive from the Gomes side, but rather from his Great Grandfather on his mother side.  "Johnny" grew-up on Tanner Street, just across "big-gutter" from the Gomes' Townhouse .  He attended a private kindergarten school on Drake Street, then the St. John's Boys Primary School, and later the Princess Margaret High School.  Following his graduation in 1963, he worked for a few years at the Hawksbill Beach Hotel, then as an Office Clerk and later as Crew Chief with Texaco Aviation at Coolidge International Airport.  As a youngster, Johnny sang with the Boys Choristers in the Cathedral under the direction of Organist George Jarvis.  Later, he became a member of the Eucharist Choir ("8:00 o'clock choir"), sang tenor until 1968.   In 1968, he left Antigua for Canada, where he married, started a family, and continued his formal education while working full-time.

Better known in Canada by his Christian name, Winston began working for the Canadian Federal Government in 1968, and while raising his first three children, also attended night-school at Algonquin College, and the University of Ottawa.  Johnny continued to sing after moving to Canada.  He auditioned and became a member of the Cathedral Men & Boys Choir and was a tenor soloist from 1968 until his retirement from the choir in 2006.  He also spent twelve years singing tenor in a Chamber Choir and a Chorale Ensemble of the University of Ottawa, as well as singing periodically on several other choirs in Ottawa. He continues to sing with a group called "The Cathedral Singers".  Winston was separated from his first wife in 1982, and remarried in 1988. He has one child in his second family.

Winston was employed by the Canadian Federal Government.  He worked for the Department of Immigration from 1968 to 1974, and from 1975 to 2004 worked for the National Archives of Canada  He retired in 2004.  He currently manages a Columbarium on a voluntary basis for the Anglican Cathedral in Ottawa, while indulging in some of his favourite pastimes. 

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